Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Web 2.0 and Green ICT

Question: Discuss about the Web 2.0 and Green ICT. Answer: Introduction: Green ICT is the need of the current era in order to maintain the balance of the ecosystem and Web 2.0 developments have proved to be of a great aid in the process. However, there are certain issues that have been identified in the application of Green ICT with Web 2.0. The first and the foremost challenge are in terms of making a successful shift from traditional web development processes towards Web 2.0 in collaboration with the Green ICT. There are various changes that get introduced with the same in terms of organizational policies and operations that emerge as a challenge. It has been observed that the organizations find it difficult to move from the ordered mode of implementation to the newer processes (Kazlauskas, 2009). Also, the employees show resistance towards the change that impacts the productivity and efficiency levels. Another major challenge that has been encountered in relation with Web 2.0 and Green ICT practices is in terms of the skills that are required for the s ame. There are organizations that have the objective to adopt the green ICT practices in all of their development activities but do not have the adequate skills and strategy for the same. Energy efficient practices have still not been included in a number of ICT and Web 2.0 training sessions which become a major cause of the lack of expertise. There are also increased security risks in the world of web and the same has impacted Web 2.0 development as well. The occurrence of such an attack or risk also brings down the progress in terms of Green ICT (Cepis, 2011). References Cepis, (2011). Green ICT: Trends and Challenges. [online] Available at: https://www.cepis.org/upgrade/media/FULL_2011_42.pdf [Accessed 23 Nov. 2016]. Kazlauskas, A. (2009). Web 2.0 Solutions to Wicked Climate Change Problems. [online] Available at: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/4737/5a3a314bbe025c27d8e547e511237ebe9b24.pdf [Accessed 23 Nov. 2016].

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