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PERSONAL STATMENT for BUJASSIM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

PERSONAL STATMENT for BUJASSIM - Essay Example The overall consequence of self-awareness is improved productivity at work because of the understanding of ability to perform required tasks and to identify areas to improve on then make the improvements From the feedback, I have learnt that I am not as precise as I should. Some of my illustrations are vague and require more elaboration so as to make points in a clear and unequivocal manner. Even though I may be qualified for a job, someone may beat me to it because I do not present my skills well enough and miss the important details. It is my responsibility to ensure that whenever I present my skills, I must include the most relevant and provide sufficient details such that no questions are raised due to ambiguities created by me. Providing better evidence entail the use of better illustrations than I used initial. These examples must be related to the subject matter and explain all its relevant features. One perspective that is useful to assume is the viewpoint of the reader. After completion of the piece of work, I must look at it as the intended audience would have done. If I do so, I will be able to detect unconvincing parts and change them accordingly. In addition, I must go through the work upon completion to ensure that the language used is suitable and captures what is intended. Lastly, I can also focus on what is relevant so that time is not wasted on what is not needed as it will only serve to demonstrate a lack of keenness on my part. I can enhance my employability by stating clearly what my strong points are whenever I present myself for an employment opportunity. Since each job is unique in its requirements, I must align my qualifications and experience to match what the employer is looking to get from a particular job opportunity. Being lucid and cogent about my values, commitment to work and the desire to help achieve job objectives as well as personal goals is bound to paint a picture of an employee

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Poem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Poem - Essay Example Dickinson’s use of symbolism and personification in describing her journey, or rather, her encounter with death helps bring out her point of view. Dickinson’s use of symbolism shows during the drive in the chariot which symbolizes her journey from the living to the dead. She passes from childhood (â€Å"We passed the school, where Children strove†) to maturity (â€Å"We passed the Fields of Gazing Grain†) then to her time of dying (â€Å"We passed the Setting Sun†) then eventually to her grave (â€Å"A Swelling of the Ground†). Notably, there is the repetition of the word â€Å"passed† which brings out the theme of symbolism. In stanzas three and four, Dickinson uses the word four times as the carriage symbolically moves down the path of life from the children and the grain, which are both living to the time of transition, or death, the setting sun. From this point onwards, the time stops, and it is the sun that passes them. This shows that they passed out of time of the living into the time of eternity where only time can pass them. The transition starts as when the sun sets, and ever ything becomes dark thus welcoming the damp and cold of the night (â€Å"dew drew quivering and chill.†) The use of personification in the poem occurs in two instances as Dickinson takes us through the drive with death. First, she personifies Death itself into a gentleman caller because she refers to him as a ‘he,’ in stanzas 1 and 2 while the rest of the stanzas she uses ‘we’ to show that two people are together. She also uses capital D when mentioning Death thus stressing the fact that Death is a name of a gentleman, and all names of people begin with a capital letter. Secondly, Dickinson personifies the setting sun when she refers to it as a ‘he’ when she says â€Å"Or rather He passed Us.† In this case, she acknowledges the capability of the sun as a point of transition. In the