Sunday, November 3, 2019

Competitor Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Competitor Analysis - Assignment Example The hotels compete for the common market with the Baldwin hotel by manipulating their service and product bouquets. Among their features of competitions are the seven Ps of marketing including price, product, place and profit among others. Established in 1998, the Powell hotel is a state of the art facility sitting at the heart of the city at the Union square. The vantage position gives the hotel unparalleled access to the shopping malls and centers in the city. Owing to this, the hotel is therefore a favorite for different tourists who visit the city to shop. The hotel has deluxe rooms among other comfort facilities to attract the affluent class. Located next to one of the greatest landmarks in the city the Chinatown dragon town, the Baldwin Hotel boasts high quality five star services ranging from deluxe rooms, customized cuisines and fully furnished conference facilities among many others. Additionally, the business operates with a robustness and dynamism that exhibits a competition conscious marketing and management departments. It has a steady market share that keeps it operational everyday but just as with any other business the hotel strives to expand its market by beating its competition in introducing new product and service categories. The hotel targets the middle class tourists who frequent the city from different regions. The provision of conference facilities is a new service that targets business organizations. Hotel Carlton another competitor in the city enjoys strategic position at the eastern entry of the city thus promising convenience to its customers. The hotel offers diverse services including car rental, bed and breakfast and conference facilities among others. It has deluxe rooms with luxurious facilities such as digital television, free internet, and hot bath among many others. The two hotels have a specific target market, most of their services are tailored for a typical tourist who seeks convince to

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